We bring you into the first class with Microsoft.

As an existing Microsoft partner, we offer a number of what we call concierge and escort services.

  • Assistance with preparing the transition from the old Partner Membership Center (PMC) to the new Partner Center (Dashboard)
  • Advice for the optimal transition
  • Advice and assistance to maintain existing competencies and qualification levels
  • Advice and assistance with attaining new competencies and qualification levels
  • Brokering of trained and certified personnel for numerous MS competencies in order to expand your existing business or launch new digital business models
  • Brokering of developers
  • Optimisation of your company’s presence on all Microsoft platforms and search engines
  • Optimisation of the available license benefits (internal use rights)
  • Certification of your SAM compliance with a focus on the license-compliant use of your IURs
  • Boosting your company’s visibility by attaining the highest (Gold) status in one or more competencies


Utilise all benefits of a Microsoft partnership for your own company first, to secure products and services for your success in the digital marketplace of the future. See for yourself:


You have a better starting position in the war for talents.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, your company can offer young talents an outstanding place to work. Only about 4 percent of all Microsoft partner companies have attained a Gold status. With our assistance, you can ensure that your company stands out from the masses in order to recruit and motivate sought-after skilled workers. You also benefit from numerous current Microsoft initiatives for the support, further qualification or retraining of existing employees.

Our complete package offers you a fast and easy way to become and remain a Microsoft Gold partner!

We will gladly send you further information about our offers for existing partners by mail.

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